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Centralized Control Room for All officeatwork Apps

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Admin Center. All-In-One officeatwork App Management.
Spending too much time configuring individual apps, for individual user groups? The officeatwork Admin Center provides a one-stop solution, ensuring you have a unified control panel for all officeatwork apps. It enables you to pre-define individual user groups and settings at a click of a button, maintaining consistency and security across all apps. Elevate your app management to match the sophistication your digital infrastructure deserves!
App Management Should be Simple and Centralized. Overcome the Following Issues with the Admin Center.
  • App Configuration Complexity. Struggling to set up and manage individual app settings.

  • Consistency Issues. Challenges in maintaining uniform settings across various apps.

  • Individual Time-Consuming Adjustments. Excessive time spent on individual app settings.

  • Disorganized Oversight. Juggle multiple apps without a unified control panel, leading to inefficiencies and potential oversights.

  • Segregated Deployment. Facing barriers in content access depending on the device in use.

  • Lack of Analytics. No analytics support, leaving you without insights into the usage of your assets and data.

Our Admin Center tackles these issues, offering streamlined, efficient, and consistent app management for all officeatwork apps, fully integrated with Microsoft 365.
Key Benefits. Setting the Benchmark for Centralized Control.
  • Centralized Oversight. Oversee all your apps from a singular control panel.

  • Boosted Efficiency. Spend less time on app management and more on productivity.

  • Real-time Configuration. Instantly update and synchronize app settings.

  • Unified Settings. Consistently manage settings across all apps.

  • Top-Tier Security. Your configurations are safeguarded in your Microsoft tenant.

  • User-Centric Customization. Personalize app behaviors for different role-based user groups.

  • Advanced Configuration Options. Find and adjust settings swiftly.

  • User-Friendly Interface. Change and update settings without the hassle.

  • Free of Charge. The Admin Center comes included with all officeatwork apps, for simple and centralized control.

Utilized by Companies Globally. Simplify App Management Across Various Industries.
... and many more
Admin Center Essentials. Redefining Your App Management Experience.
  • Unified Configuration Panel. Manage all officeatwork apps from one a single, unified location.

  • Real-Time Synchronization. Ensure all apps are updated with the latest settings.

  • Consistent App Behavior. Achieve uniformity across all devices and platforms.

  • Tailored App Behavior. Customize app settings based on user groups and requirements.

  • Intuitive User Interface. Navigate and adjust settings with unparalleled ease.

  • Microsoft 365 Synergy. Integrate Admin Center seamlessly into your Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

  • Top-Level Security. Your configurations are protected with the best security measures.

  • Cross-Platform Harmony. Ensure consistent app behavior regardless of the platform.

  • Multiple Library Support. Link each app with a diverse set of libraries, such as SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Unsplash and Pixabay.

  • Analytics Support. Always be up-to-date on which digital company asset are being utilized.

  • Centralized Deployment. Deploy all officeatwork apps to a diverse set of Microsoft 365 apps and multiple browsers.

  • Permissions Simplified. Pre-consent all scopes so that no user will have to grant any permission or be blocked by missing admin permissions.

  • Centrally Managed Administrators. Add individual administrators or security groups for unified and simplified app management.

  • Efficient IT Integration. Focus on what truly matters, leaving app management to the Admin Center.

Fully Synchronized with Microsoft 365. Configure officeatwork Apps Anytime, Anyplace.
Discover the Admin Center. Embrace Simplified App Management!
Admin Center
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If you have queries or require assistance with the Admin Center, our team is ready to assist. Schedule a FREE live demo with our expert Customer Success Engineers. Dive into the features and see how Admin Center is your all-in-one app management for Microsoft 365 officeatwork Apps.
officeatwork Admin Center. Next Generation App Management.
Step into the next generation of app management designed for organizations of every scale. With Admin Center, effortlessly manage all officeatwork apps, ensuring consistency and peak performance. From real-time configurations to team-wide consistency, Admin Center is crafted to meet the dynamic needs of today's businesses.

Join elite industry leaders and redefine your app management with a tool that's not just a centralized control hub — but a more productive, simple and intuitive way to manage apps.