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Designer. Template Designing Simplified.
Tired of inconsistent document designs? Spending too much time on formatting? The Designer App is your answer, offering a centralized platform for consistent, professional, and on-brand template creation. Elevate your document design to match the excellence of your brand!
Document Designing Should be Consistent and Simple. Overcome These Challenges with the Designer.
  • Design Inconsistency. Struggling to maintain a uniform look across various documents.

  • Time-Consuming Formatting. Spending hours on designing and re-designing documents rather than providing the content.

  • Collaboration Barriers. Challenges in sharing and maintaining design templates.

  • Brand Image Dilution. Inconsistent designs leading to a diluted brand image.

  • Template Limitations. Restricted by the limitations of basic templates.

  • Lack of Standardization. Absence of a unified design standard for all documents.

Our Designer App tackles these issues, providing a simple, efficient, and powerful way to design document templates, fully integrated within Microsoft 365.
Key Benefits. Create Designs That Make a Difference.
  • Consistent Design. Maintain a uniform look across all documents.

  • Time-Saving Templates. Quickly create on-brand, information rich documents without the hassle.

  • Collaborative Design. Share and maintain design templates with your team.

  • Enhanced Brand Image. Ensure every document upholds your brand's image.

  • Customizable Templates. Tailor designs to specific needs and preferences.

  • Microsoft 365 Integration. Seamlessly integrate Designer into your existing Microsoft 365 workflow.

  • Brand Consistency. Ensure all documents align with your brand guidelines.

  • User-Friendly Interface. Navigate and design effortlessly with our intuitive platform.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility. Use Designer across various Microsoft 365 applications with ease.

  • Advanced Design Tools. Access a suite of tools that cater to all your design needs from a variety of input fields and placeholders.

Chosen by Global Leaders. Setting the Standard in Document Design.
... and many more
Designer Essentials. Elevating Your Document Design Experience.
  • Centralized Design Hub. Access and manage all your design templates from one place.

  • Dynamic Template Integration. Seamlessly create documents with consistent designs.

  • Real-Time Design Updates. Ensure your designs are always up-to-date.

  • Unified Brand Image. Achieve a consistent brand image across all documents.

  • Intuitive Design Tools. Quickly create documents without the design hassle.

  • Cross-Application Compatibility. Seamlessly integrate with various Microsoft 365 applications.

  • Collaborative Design Access. Share and maintain design templates with ease.

  • Microsoft 365 Synergy. Fully integrate Designer into your Microsoft 365 workflow.

  • Customizable Design Collections. Tailor designs to specific needs and preferences.

  • User-Friendly Interface. Navigate and design with ease, thanks to our intuitive platform.

  • Elevate Every Document. Ensure every document reflects your brand's precision and professionalism.

  • Cost-Effective Design Solution. Optimize your ROI with a tool that saves on costs and upholds brand image.

  • Efficient Workflow Integration. Reduce the time and effort spent on designing, allowing you to focus on creating.

Fully Integrated in Microsoft 365. Access Content When and Where You Want.
Discover The Designer. Transform Your Document Template Design Today!
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Make the Most Out of the Designer! Try Out Our Dynamic Word & PowerPoint Starter Packages.
  • The Demo Package. Ideal for those wanting to showcase the officeatwork solutions within their tenant. This package offers a Word or PowerPoint template that highlights the benefits of officeatwork solutions and is moderately automated. Please note that the templates are not recommended for production use.

  • The Base Package. A top choice for those officeatwork will meet your needs. Commission a professional Word letter or PowerPoint template that's in line with your design guidelines, constructed following officeatwork best practices, and is ready for production use.

  • The Base-ML Package. Building upon the Base Package, this option introduces multi-lingual features for your letter or PowerPoint templates, catering to organizations that communicate in multiple languages.

Elevate your brand's communication with officeatwork dynamic Word and PowerPoint Template Starter Packages today!
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officeatwork Designer. Redefining Document Design.
Step into the future of document design tailored for businesses of all sizes. With Designer, you can seamlessly create on-brand document templates, ensuring design consistency and professionalism. From intuitive templates to collaborative design, Designer is designed to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.

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