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In today's digitally connected world,
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Companies today require, individuals and teams to create, automate, and manage documents and emails. Whether they're in the office or on the move, collaboration knows no boundaries. It spans across continents and embraces multiple languages, making global communication and collaboration a norm.

Microsoft 365 has transformed everyday tasks, making them easier, faster, and better. At officeatwork, we take it a step further. We introduce a dimension that makes these activities not just efficient but profoundly smarter. Our mission revolves around optimizing the way people work, the quality of their output, and the magnitude of their impact.

Our suite of award-winning Digital Asset Management applications is tailored to complement Microsoft 365. These apps are more than just tools; they are solutions that optimize content, streamline processes, save time, and prioritize people. But above all, they focus on enhancing outputs and driving superior business results.

Our Journey

For over three decades, our collaboration with Microsoft has been nothing short of revolutionary. We've streamlined the integration of Digital Asset Management (DAM) within Microsoft 365, changing the dynamics of how businesses handle their digital assets. From Switzerland to the global stage, our commitment has always been to deliver solutions that are not only efficient and secure but also set the benchmark for impactful and smarter outcomes.

Our Mission

In an era of mass digitization, we wholeheartedly believe in tech with a clear purpose. Our award-winning Digital Asset Management apps fully integrated within Microsoft 365, are designed to optimize content, processes, and overall business outcomes. They make everyday tasks like content management, document creation and communication in Microsoft 365 easier, faster, and better. But more than that, they stand as a testament to our deep passion for productivity.

Why officeatwork

We combine cutting-edge technologies with our profound understanding of Microsoft to make essential everyday tasks not just efficient but smarter. As we deliver today, we're always thinking ahead, imagining the future, and working hand-in-hand with our customers, their end-users, our employees, partners, and Microsoft. Our goal? To create simply smarter and more impactful ways of working.

Within the ecosystem of Microsoft 365, our solutions empower users to manage their digital assets in a simple, smart and intuitive manner. Furthermore, documents you create will stand out, not just for their accessibility and accuracy, but for their reliability and reusability. They're designed to be simple, shareable, and always on-brand. The results? Outputs that are consist, compliant, and professional.

Our applications are designed with IT departments in mind: simple to install, integrate, and deploy, all while being cost-effective. Their updatable nature ensures they evolve with your needs, scaling effortlessly. And, as they're hosted as SaaS solutions on Microsoft Azure, you can be assured of unparalleled data security and integrity.

Rooted in Switzerland since 1975 and collaborating with Microsoft from 1998, our award-winning Digital Asset Management applications are the trusted choice for thousands of organizations and millions of people globally.


Based in Switzerland we engage with talent around the world.

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