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Verifier. Streamlining Document Verification.
Are you constantly second-guessing the accuracy of your documents? Fed up with the tedious process of manually sifting through pages to identify outdated or incorrect information? The Verifier tool simplifies this by scanning your content, pinpointing outdated elements, and suggesting automatic updates. With Verifier, ensure each document reflects the high standards of your brand, eliminating inconsistencies and boosting confidence in every document created.
Document Verification Should be Seamless and Efficient. Tackle the Following Inefficiencies with the Verifier.
  • Outdated Content Issues. The challenge of identifying and addressing outdated elements in documents.

  • Manual Update Hassles. The tediousness and complications associated with manual updates and verifying proposed changes.

  • Information Inconsistencies. The risk of presenting information that may be inconsistent or outdated.

  • Inefficient Time Usage. The excessive time and effort required to ensure documents are up-to-date and accurate.

  • Disjointed Device Experiences. The fragmented and disjointed experiences across different devices.

  • Limited Software Compatibility. The constraints posed by software solutions that lack broad compatibility across platforms.

The Verifier tool streamlines your document verification process, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and consistency across all your documents.
Key Benefits. Accuracy in an Instance.
  • Automatic Scanning. Launch Verifier and let it do the heavy lifting.

  • Issue Identification. Clearly lists out all the updates required for your document.

  • Bulk Updates. Use the 'Update All' feature to resolve all issues at once.

  • Selective Updates. Choose to update specific elements as per your needs.

  • Unlinking Capability. Remove links to original data with the 'Unlink' feature, unlinking all or selective elements.

  • Highlighting. Directly highlight elements in your document for easy identification.

  • Real-Time Verification. Instantly check documents ensuring continuous accuracy.

  • Data Security. Ensure your document's content remains confidential with top-tier encryption.

  • User-Friendly Interface. Navigate effortlessly with an intuitive design tailored for all users.

  • Integration with Microsoft 365. Seamlessly work with other Microsoft 365 applications for a holistic experience.

Utilized by Professionals Globally. Ensuring Document Accuracy and Consistency.
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Verifier Essentials. Elevating Your Document Verification Process.
  • Automatic Document Scanning. Initiates a scan upon launching to identify elements for verification, no manual intervention required.

  • Bulk and Selective Updates. Flexibility to choose how you want to update.

  • Unlinking Feature. Detach from original data sources with ease.

  • Highlighting. Visual cues to identify document elements.

  • Supported Across Platforms. Available on Word, Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

  • Seamless Integration. A unified experience without the need for new tools.

  • Real-Time Verification. Instantly check documents as you edit, ensuring continuous accuracy.

  • Microsoft Certified. Fully Microsoft Certified giving you the peace of mind with the highest quality and security standards set by Microsoft.

  • Re-Verification Option. Re-check your document any time after making changes.

  • Real-Time Verification. Instantly check documents as you edit, ensuring continuous accuracy.

  • Clear Issue Identification. Displays an 'All Up-to-date' message or lists out available updates.

  • Document Panel Insights. Provides an overview of how many placeholders in your document are potentially linked to data.

  • Embedding Options. Decide if you want the Verifier to open automatically with your document.

  • Elevate Every Document. Ensure every piece of content reflects your brand's efficiency, professionalism, and innovation, making a lasting impression.

  • Variety of Storage Options. Supports SharePoint Online, Teams, and OneDrive.

Fully Integrated in Microsoft 365. Verify Documents as You Create Them.
Discover the Verifier. Upgrade Your Document Verification Process Today!
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If you have questions or need guidance on maximizing the benefits of Verifier, we're here to help. Book a FREE live demo with our expert Customer Success Engineers. Dive deep into the features and discover how the Verifier can help you ensure your documents always reflect the best version of your work. Investing 30 minutes now could redefine your organization's document verification, save your countless hours and financial resources.
officeatwork Verifier. Up-grade Your Document Accuracy.
Dive into the next generation of document verification tailored for professionals who demand precision. With Verifier, seamlessly ensure every document you produce is error-free and up to date, right within your Microsoft 365 environment. From automatic scanning to real-time updates, Verifier is crafted to meet the rigorous standards of today's dynamic workplaces.

Join industry professionals and transform your document workflow with an app that's not just about verification—it's about confidence in every document.