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Wizard. Personalizing Documents with Ease.
Tired of manually customizing each document? Need a consistent look and feel across all your documents? The Wizard tool offers a streamlined solution, ensuring your team crafts personalized and on-brand documents with just a few clicks. Elevate your document creation process to mirror the excellence of your brand!
Document Personalization Should be Quick and On-Brand. Navigate These Hurdles with the Wizard.
  • Rigid Document Adjustments. Limited flexibility when tailoring document contexts due to restrictive templates.

  • Inefficient Data Input. Tedious and time-consuming manual data entry process.

  • Disconnected Data Sources. Challenges in integrating external data into documents.

  • Lack of Personal Touch. Documents often lack a personal connection, making it harder to resonate with the intended audience.

  • Time-Consuming Edits. Prolonged editing processes can delay deliverables and reduce efficiency.

  • Inconsistent Branding. Variability in branding across documents can dilute brand identity and lead to confusion.

Our Wizard App tackles these challenges, streamlining personalized document creation with precision and adaptability, all within an intuitive interface integrated seamlessly with Microsoft 365.
Key Benefits. That Personalize Your Document Creation Process.
  • Quick Personalization. Make your personal selection and input for each document.

  • Intuitive Fields. Text, item, and user fields are designed for ease of use.

  • Dynamic Content Integration. Seamlessly blend static and dynamic content.

  • Brand Consistency. Ensure all documents align with your brand's guidelines.

  • Real-time Adjustments. Modify and personalize documents as you create them.

  • Resource Library. Linked to a centralized SharePoint repository of all of the company's data and content.

  • Multilingual Support. Personalize documents in multiple languages with ease.

  • Personal Touch. Personalize content depending on the document information required.

  • User-Centric Design. Prioritizing user experience at every step.

  • Cost-Efficient. Reduce overheads related to document creation and editing.

Utilized by Leaders Internationally. Streamlining Document Creation Across Organizations.
... and many more
Wizard Essentials. Making Document Personalization Intuitive and Quick.
  • Embedded Experience. Directly integrated within Word for ease of access.

  • Dynamic Personalization. Tailor each document to its specific intent and audience.

  • Real-Time Updates. Stay updated with the latest data, information and content centrally linked to your companies SharePoint.

  • Consistent Branding. Achieve a uniform look and feel across all documents.

  • Easy Data Connectivity. Connect to external data sources like SharePoint Online effortlessly.

  • User-Friendly Interface. Designed for users of all tech levels, making document personalization a breeze.

  • Swift Data Entry. Reduce manual data entry with Wizard's efficient and automated data input fields.

  • Flexible Document Adjustments. Be confined to a fixed format, unable to adjust document contexts freely.

  • Impecable Security. Safeguard your document personalization process within Wizard's secure environment.

  • Distinct Personal Touch. Expedite your editing process with Wizard's real-time dynamic tools.

  • Cross-Platform Support. Enjoy consistent document personalization across Windows, Web, Mac, iOS, and soon, PowerPoint.

  • Quick Edits. Expedite your editing process with Wizard's real-time dynamic tools.

  • Cost Effective. Increase accuracy and efficiency while decreasing overall costs.

Fully Integrated in Microsoft 365. Personalize Documents as You Create Them.
Discover the Wizard. Transform Your Document Creation Process Today!
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  • The Demo Package. Ideal for those wanting to showcase the officeatwork solutions within their tenant. This package offers a Word or PowerPoint template that highlights the benefits of officeatwork solutions and is moderately automated. Please note that the templates are not recommended for production use.

  • The Base Package. A top choice for those officeatwork will meet your needs. Commission a professional Word letter or PowerPoint template that's in line with your design guidelines, constructed following officeatwork best practices, and is ready for production use.

  • The Base-ML Package. Building upon the Base Package, this option introduces multi-lingual features for your letter or PowerPoint templates, catering to organizations that communicate in multiple languages.

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officeatwork Wizard. The Future of Document Personalization.
Step into the future of document creation tailored for businesses of all sizes. With Wizard, you can effortlessly personalize content, ensuring precision and adaptability.

Join industry leaders and transform your document creation process with an app that's more than just a document wizard — it's your own personalization assistant for Microsoft 365.
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