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Template Chooser for Office, Word
Template Chooser for Office, Excel
Template Chooser for Office, PowerPoint
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Better Business Outcomes
Documents are created based on the same templates used across all employees, leading to more consistent business outcomes. No more loosing of opportunities based on errors in old and outdated templates.
Improved Branding
Using shared templates across all employees improves brand consistency all around. No mor false logos, wrong slides, outdated legal information confusing your customers and partners and hurting your brand perception.
Increased Productivity
Employees find the right templates quickly. Context switching is avoided as the templates are accessible right within the most used applications. Personal favorites help in optimizing the use of often used templates. No more time-consuming email chats back and forth jut to figure out what template to use and where to find it.
Improved Employee Satisfaction
Employees are confident in how to create new documents and make less mistakes as they are always using the latest up-to-date templates. No more embarrassing moments because of using old and faulty templates.
Simpler IT
officeatwork solutions are tightly integrated into the Microsoft 365 platform. It can re-use many existing skills to deploy and manage officeatwork solutions. Existing Microsoft 365 user accounts and security gropes drive the officeatwork experiences. With officeatwork there is no need for installer packages, no need for ITĀ to learn more skills, no need for creating a shadow user management etc. Out solutions often replace custom built or separately managed solutions and therefore remove complexity in your information technology stack.
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Template Sharing
Empower your employees easily share templates of all kind among their peers, team mates and the entire organization. Provide your employees the security of knowing where to find the most up-tp-date shared templates. Avoid the frustration of users not having simple access to share templates that allow them to get their work done.
Microsoft 365 Integration
Access your Office templates directly in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Teams, and SharePoint. Avoid users wasting time trying to find your most up-to-date templates.
Multi-library support
Delegate responsibility for templates access departments using any number of dedicated template libraries. Avoid excluding departmental needs and users having to visit multiple locations for the templates they need for day-to-day work.
Role-Based Access
Control access to your templates based on roles and not users. Use your existing security groups to govern access to your templates. Avoid extensive efforts in keeping access to the right templates under control. Avoid having no access management for templates in place.
Allows users to tag any template as a favorite to easily access it anytime via their own Template Chooser favorites list. Avoid users creating copies of templates outside of your control.
Application Integration
Create new documents right within any 3rd party application using Template Chooser template-links. Avoid massive duplication and out-of-date templates across your applications.
Data Integration
Have new documents already pre-filled with your data. This feature currently additionally requires the officeatwork Wizard app. Avoid tedious re-typing of information already captured in your business applications.
Stay on top of your template changes with versioning. See you version history and roll-back to older versions if needed. Avoid creating copies of the same template for each change.
Approval Flow
Make sure your template changes get approval before being polished. Avoid embarrassing business outcomes by double-checking your changes to your Office templates.
See what you get before you create a new document. Avoid trial and error document creation.
Custom Flows
Automate any process that is linked to your templates by using SharePoint Online built in support for custom flows. Avoid boring and error prone manual template processes.
Multilingual support
Display your template and library names in the native language of your users. The Template Chooser comes with over 35 built-in languages. Avoid confusion by users not finding the templates using their native language.
Installer-free Deployment
Use the Microsoft 365 built-in deployment method to assign the officeatwork apps form the Microsoft store directly to your users withing minutes. Avoid time consuming manual installer or software package distribution style of deployment with potential compatibility issues of colliding libraries on your devices.
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