If you see
Microsoft Office
as a tool

We see it as our Passion

Work today is
anytime and

People create, automate and manage documents and emails individually and collaboratively. In the office and on the go. Across geographies and in multiple languages.

Microsoft Office makes these everyday activities easier, faster, better. officeatwork adds a dimension to make them simply smarter. What we do is designed to optimize how people work, what they produce and the overall impact of the outcomes.

Our award-winning business apps work to enhance Microsoft Office. They optimize content, process, time, people, outputs and most importantly, business outcomes.


In an era of mass digitization, we believe in tech with purpose. We are masters in enabling others to optimize the use of Microsoft Office and experience a new world of work that is simply smarter.


We combine leading-edge technologies with our deep know-how of Microsoft to make essential everyday tasks for document creation and communication in Microsoft Office easier, faster and better. We are forever thinking ahead. As we deliver today, we are imagining and developing for the future, working collaboratively with our customers and their end users; and with our employees, partners and Microsoft. Our goal is to create simply smarter ways of working.


If you see Microsoft Office as a tool. We see it as our passion. We’ve collaborated closely with Microsoft since they launched it over 30 years ago. Our award-winning apps optimize how you work and what you produce leading to simply smarter and impactful outcomes.

From within Microsoft Office, users create templated documents immediately & intuitively. The documents are accessible & accurate, reliable & re-usable, simple & shareable. The outputs are on-brand & on-message, consistent & clear and correct & compliant. The outcomes are professional & impactful.

Our apps are simple & cost-efficient for IT departments to install, integrate & deploy. They are easily updatable & scalable. And because they are delivered as SaaS solutions on Microsoft Azure, data security & integrity are guaranteed.

Established in Switzerland in 1975 and working as a partner with Microsoft since 1998, our award-winning business apps are used by thousands of organizations and millions of people around the world.


Based in Switzerland we engage with talent around the world.

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